Avoiding the FBT Christmas Grinch!

It’s that time of year again – what to do for the Christmas party for the team, customers and gifts of appreciation. Here are our top tips for a generous and tax effective Christmas season. – Avoiding the FBT Christmas Grinch!

Good records save small businesses

This article illustrates how keeping good tax records can save time and money, and ultimately contribute to the profitability of the business. It outlines the various benefits to small business and reminds your readers that the ATO is not lenient when it comes to mistakes. – Good records save small businesses.

Lessons from a data breach

This article focusses on the Optus data breach and illustrates how it is a timely warning on the importance of understanding how your business secures data and what systems and processes are in place to ensure this does not occur. – Lessons from a data breach.

Register your .au domain!

20 September 2022 is the cut-off to register for your .au direct domain. The .au domain is the new, general purpose, shorter Australian domain name option. – Register your .au domain!