The post-Christmas blues

After the adrenaline and excitement of the holiday season is over, many people struggle with the post-Christmas blues. This article describes the symptoms to look out for and discusses ways to reduce the impact so you can start the new year off in a positive way. – The post-Christmas blues.

The overwhelming cost of Christmas

As we head into the holiday season, the overwhelming pressure and strain of spending can take a toll. Here, we take a look at the impacts that the expense of Christmas can have on our mental health and how to enjoy the festive season without going overboard. – The overwhelming cost of Christmas.

Cybersecurity: Can you prevent a hack?

In the wake of the Optus data leak, legislation before Parliament will lift the maximum fine for serious or repeated breaches of the Privacy Act from $2.2m to up to $50m. But there are no guarantees that even the strongest safety measures will prevent an attack. So, what does that mean for business and their customers? – Cybersecurity: Can you prevent a hack?

Quarterly Economic Update: July-September 2022

This quarterly economic update includes current share market volatility, rising costs of living, world currency markets, and increasing petrol prices. The Australian housing market and interest rates are also discussed. – Quarterly Economic Update: July-September 2022.

It’s not easy being green

Climate change featured heavily during the election and now the Albanese Government is putting into place some of the promises it made. We look at the current state of play and the likely impact. – It’s not easy being green.