All assets are not the same

This article explains the different asset classes. It covers cash, fixed interest, shares, property, and alternative assets. It is a good general education article to help your clients understand asset allocation in their investment portfolio. – All assets are not the same

Rentvesting: the not-so-new phenomenon

This article explains a popular way to invest in residential property – rentvesting. It explains how it works and some of the associated issues to be aware of. – Renvesting: the not-so-new phenomenon.

Investing yourself vs using a financial planner

In a world of amateur investors and ‘fin-fluencers’, it’s important to realise the value of professional advice when investing. This article outlines the key advantages of using a financial adviser opposed to trying to go it alone. – Investing yourself vs using a financial planner.

Downsizing to upsize your retirement

This article looks at the current behaviours of older Australians with respect to downsizing the family home, as well as factors that should be consider when weighing up the decision of whether or not to downsize. – Should you downsize to upsize your retirement?