There’s more to shares than numbers on a screen

Whether it’s by direct purchase, via a managed fund or through superannuation, most Australians hold some form of share investment. Many of us are aware that if the numbers in the finance report on the evening news are mostly green that’s good and if they’re red that’s bad, but beyond that we give little thought to what shares are and why we should take an interest in them. There’s more to shares than numbers on a screen

Shares: investing in a business

This article explains what it means to buy shares in a business. It focuses on the emotional side of investing by explaining you are not just buying a piece of paper but a share of a business, and discusses the benefits and responsibilities of a shareholder.

The upside of a market downturn

The uncertainty that market downturns bring, can cause fear and chaos among clients and investors. This article discusses reasons for market downturns and provides the alternative view that there is a buying opportunity as valuations reduce.