Amy Lawlor

Drawing on her knowledge, experience and education, Amy advises and supports clients assisting them to determine their eligibility for the R&D Tax Incentive.

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About Amy

Amy has been with the Insight Business team since September 2013. As R&D Project Manager Amy provides specialist project support to some of Australia’s leading organizations – across a variety of sectors and business sizes – from start-ups to multinational enterprises.

These companies are conducting exciting R&D and other critical investment projects in Australia, across industries as diverse as fast moving consumer goods, energy & resources, technology & software through to advanced manufacturing and life sciences & healthcare.

Amy has worked with some of Australia’s most innovative organisations on their confidential R&D activities.


To optimise R&D applications, Amy engages with key client stakeholders – from CEOs and CFOs through to lead engineers and tax managers, and analyses complex project information to develop comprehensive documents for submission to the Department of Innovation and Science.

Drawing on her knowledge gained during her experience and education, she advises and supports clients from determining eligibility right through financial data analysis, scientific documentation of research undertaken, preparation and substantiation of the submission and lodgement of the application.

Explore the specialities that Amy can assist you with or get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.

Project Analysis

Analysis of financial and technical data

Technical Writing

Drafting technical summaries of client activities


Educating key stakeholders on legislation, compliance and best practice

Critical Thinking

To optimize client applications

Let’s Work Together

The R&D Tax Incentive Program provides support to companies investing resources into developing something new for the market, be it a process, product or service. Talk to one of our R&D Tax Incentive specialists at Insight Innovation to find out how the R&D Tax Incentive can assist your business.

Can you Briefly explain what the R&D Tax Incentive is?

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Can you liaise with my tax agent to get the information you need so I can focus on my core business?

I strive to optimise each R&D Tax Incentive application to get the best results for every business that I work with

Client Testimonials

“Amy was nothing short of amazing. From booking in our first meeting and being very professional during. To following up and going beyond her duty to help me where other people turned away.

Amy took the time to sit down and listen to the who, what, where and why of my company and how I have tried to get an R&D return since July 2019. Took it all on board and walked me through the plan she had come up with.

My full time work is in the world of car dealerships and I know firsthand how we don’t get enough gratitude when deserved and Amy definitely deserves it.”

Shaun Illingworth

Director, Returned Pty Ltd

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