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Emma has a passion for helping companies to find solutions and achieve the desired business growth.

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About Emma

Emma Choulet has had over 10 years experience servicing organisations in Paris, London and Perth. She brings this European expertise back to Australia, and her fresh international perspective is exactly what her clients are wanting.

She is innovative, unflappable, realistic, honest and straight-forward in her consulting approach and she is committed to building and growing businesses.

Her knowledge, skills and abilities help top managers plan and implement strategies, while basing her decisions on market trends, the company’s financial capability and the employees’ skills.

    Emma has held various positions in different companies and sectors and has been exposed to various business challenges and people.

    As a Senior Management Consultant, she can work with you to consistently deliver and innovate for your organisation in today’s rapidly changing environment.

    Emma applies deep process, operational excellence and change skills to help you navigate shifting market demand, optimise your business operations, leverage talent and make the right decisions for your organisation.

    Explore the specialities that Emma can assist you with or get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.

    Board Meeting Attendance & Strategic Advice

    Change Management

    Management Consulting & Strategy Planning

    Marketing & Sales Transformation & Improvement

    Systems and Processes Improvement

    Employee Performance Management and Talent Acquisition

    Customer Strategy and Experience

    Design Thinking & Innovation

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    Level 1, 1109 Hay Street
    WEST PERTH  WA  6005

    PO Box 1595
    WEST PERTH  WA  6872

    +618 6315 2700


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