Stefanie Meaden

Executive Assistant Insight Wealth

About Stefanie

Stefanie grew up in England and worked for the local council. In 2015, Stefanie decided to move to Perth and, subsequently, completed a bachelors degree in business and accounting and a Finance Diploma through the Financial Planners Association, whilst working in a Public Practice.

Stefanie is currently working towards becoming a Financial Advisor in order to work closely with clients in assisting them to meet their financial goals and objectives.

Stefanie enjoys building relationships and delivering the best possible service. She also enjoys going for walks and travelling the world.

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    Discussing Personal Financial Topics

    Providing Superior Client Services

    Co-ordinating Personal Insurances

    Making Things Easier for Clients

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    Contact Information
    Level 4, 3 Loftus Street
    PO Box 1595
    WEST PERTH  WA  6872

    +618 6315 2700

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