Here’s some good news: the average life expectancy for both men and women in Australia is now over 80.5 And while it’s great that many of us can look forward to a long life, it also means we need to plan ahead so our finances will last the distance.
Even if your retirement plan is on track, or you’re already enjoying retirement, it’s worth being prepared in case your circumstances change. For instance, you could be made redundant and have to retire earlier than expected, or you might have to drop down to part-time hours for health reasons. On the flipside, during your retirement years you might take an opportunity to re-enter the workforce for a while.
It’s estimated that a couple needs $640,000 to retire comfortably, while a single person needs around $545,000.6 The smaller your nest egg, the more you’ll need to rely on the Age Pension when you retire, so it’s a good idea to grow your super as much as possible while you’re still working.
Depending on your circumstances, there may be different options for accessing your super in retirement. You could cash it out as a lump sum, set up an account based pension, or buy an annuity that will give you a regular, stable income for life. Your financial adviser can help work out which option is best for you. And if your lifestyle needs change, your financial adviser will be able to adjust your strategy so you can get the most of your finances for many years to come.

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6Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, Retirement standard, February 2016.

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