Funding Business Assets

Nov 30, 2021 | Finance

Financing the assets used in your business can provide value in a variety of ways.

As an opportunity cost to using cash reserves, asset finance can preserve Cash flow for other operational or expansion needs of the business. It can also deliver favorable tax outcomes, if structured correctly.

With interest rates so low and the availability of tax incentives such as the ATO’s instant asset tax write-off, perhaps the end of the financial year is no longer the deadline to acquire finance assets.

The fundamentals of Asset Finance

The Asset Life Cycle

The life cycle relates to the time over which the asset will contribute to business operations.  More broadly, the full asset life cycle also refers to the acquisition, use and disposal of the asset within the business too.

Before you even think about buying and financing any assets, think about its life cycle first.

Debt Structure

Asset or Equipment Finance is often more flexible than longer term financing structures such as mortgages.  This means a better ability to align repayments to suit Cash flow.

The term of the loan and its repayment program needs to therefore need to align to the asset’s life cycle.  This practice ensures that the repayment of the debt on the asset are finalised before the asset no longer exceeds its life cycle.

Often where business go wrong is funding long term assets with short term financing facilities or vice versa.

Types of Asset Finance Options

The differences in financing structures appear subtle, and indeed repayments look similar, but they can be significantly different from an accounting and tax perspective.

The comparisons between these structures is demonstrated below:



Chattel Mortgage Yes Claim Interest & Depreciation Yes Yes
Commercial Hire Purchase Yes Claim Interest & Depreciation Yes Yes
Finance Lease No – option to buy Claim Payment as Deduction No Yes
Operating Lease No – option to buy Claim Payment as Deduction No No

Chattel Mortgage

You take ownership of the asset, and the financier takes their interest over it by way of mortgage. Once the contract is completed, the security interest is removed giving the customer clear title to the vehicle.

For businesses registered for GST on a cash basis, the benefit is that they may claim back GST in full in their next Activity Statement. It gives certainty of ownership and ability to contribute a deposit.

Commercial Hire Purchase
The financier purchases the asset on behalf of the customer, and then hires it back over an agreed term. After the residual is paid, the customer assumes ownership.

It gives some certainty of ownership at end, but generally less tax effective than a Chattel Mortgage option. It is not a widespread product option currently.

Finance Lease
The financier retains actual ownership of the asset with an option to purchase at the end of the term.

It is a good option if you update equipment or vehicles on a regular basis. The financier retains ownership of the asset, so you only finance the purchase excluding GST. You may also not want ownership for legal or accounting reasons too.

Operating Lease
This option means that you will not own the asset. This is commonly referred to as being “Off Balance Sheet” and you can simply return the goods at the end of the term. Generally this structure is delivered at a higher cost.

This is an option when you are turning over equipment regularly, or need greater flexibility and want one simple repayment.

Tax considerations

The taxation treatments associated with ownership of equipment can be unique to your personal circumstances. It is important to seek professional advice when considering debt.

This may assess whether the benefits associated with asset ownership of equipment, outweigh any benefits of a full deduction of payments through leasing.

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