For the majority of families, their home and superannuation will be the two most valuable investments they will own in their lifetime. Here we discuss how the family home might be used to potentially assist in wealth and lifestyle creation.

For those that have purchased their family home, a great deal of value is often held within its walls. This value comes in many forms including physical, emotional, financial and more. Specific wealth strategies can be created around anything of financial value and, once in place should be fine-tuned throughout various life stages. So what should property owners consider when it comes to utilising, most effectively, the home in which they live?

For those of you that are currently accumulating your wealth

Income potential is high in this age group. If you are not already salary sacrificing into superannuation, this is a good period in which to begin. Alternatively, and particularly in order to take advantage of historically low interest rates, increasing mortgage repayments could make a big difference in the time it takes to pay off the house, and the amount the mortgage eventually costs you. Too few people review their home loans, instead allowing the mortgage to take care of itself. A mortgage review may mean you discover a better deal elsewhere. But it might also simply lead to a discussion with a representative from your lender, revealing a better way to manage your account. An offset savings account connected to the mortgage account, for instance, can save a considerable amount of interest over time. And a redraw facility that offers essential funds at mortgage interest rates, rather than personal loan or credit card interest rates, can also make a real difference. Paying down the mortgage on the family home as quickly as possible is important as interest on this loan is typically not tax deductible. At the same time, the more you pay down the debt, the more equity is held in the house itself – assuming the value of the house is not decreasing.
Finally, during this period it is very important to ensure that your investment is protected. Has your home and contents insurance kept up with the current value of the property? Have any improvements you have made along the way, or valuable items within the house, been added to your insurance policy? Don’t let your most valuable asset go unprotected or under-protected. Review insurance on an annual basis.
Key takeaways:

  • Consider salary sacrificing or increasing mortgage repayments
  • Review your home loan
  • Check your insurance levels

Source: Count Financial
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