Are you aware that if any of your children have a failed relationship, their share of your family wealth could end up going to another family?
You work so hard to build up your family assets. But what if any of your children are in a relationship, inherited family wealth from you, and then their relationship failed? All of a sudden your hard earned family wealth ends up going across to another family possibly one that causes a lot of grief to your child.

We can help you to avoid this.

Our Estate Planning Package gives you a solution to ensure your family wealth is kept in your “bloodline”. It includes an update for your Wills, Power of Attorney, a letter of wishes (including things like your logon details for web sites and online banking), and a review of how to minimise tax when your family wealth is passed onto your children and grandchildren.
Getting started is simple. We’ll send you a simple questionnaire which takes less than 10 minutes to fill out. You send it back to us, and we arrange the rest, including a 30 minute online meeting with our expert Estate Planning Lawyers who will review all draft documents with you and answer any questions you may have.
We’ll guide you through from start to finish and help make this easy for you.

Talk to us today about reviewing your estate plan or setting one up for you.


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