Mathieu Paul, Principal

Coming from a family of business owners, Mathieu has a passion for analysis, finding solutions, and designing new paths.

Adrien Giraud, Business Consultant

Business Consultant in Management, Adrien Giraud accompanies our business owners in their projects, including from acquisition to sale.

Angele Chauviere, Marketing Co-ordinator and Business Consultant

Coming from an hospitality industry background, Angele has a strong client satisfaction focus, with 10 years’ experience working for world leading Luxury Hotels brands across 5 different countries, in different strategic managing positions. Marketing Coordinator.

Sylvia Cruz, Business Consultant

Sylvia Cruz Business Consultant Get to know Sylvia Contact Sylvia About Sylvia Sylvia recently joined the consulting team at Insight Advisory Group. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in Colombia, where she is from, which she...