Business Grants

Thinking of applying for a Business Grant? Maximise your chance of success.

The Australian Government is really involved in the development of highly skilled workforce to adapt to structural change, rapid technological changes and new business opportunities.

To ensure industry has the skilled workforce and operating environment to boost the nation’s productivity and increase its international competitiveness, the Australian Government is building  the capability of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the attribution of business grants (Business Growth Grant Funding, Industry Skills Fund)

Business grants require the submission of a form that shows a business meets the grant’s criteria before the application will be reviewed.

We are currently working with numerous businesses to assist them in gaining access to the The Entrepreneurs’ Programme that offers practical support to businesses, including:

Business advice and facilitation services to help build capacity, improve capability, extend networks and take advantage of growth opportunities in Australian and/or markets in other countries.

  • Advice from people with relevant private sector experience
  • Support to bring research and innovation into your business
  • Connection and collaboration opportunities with other businesses
  • Independent advisers and facilitators to provide business advice and facilitation services to eligible businesses
  • Advisers/facilitators that will work with you to develop a plan on how to achieve your business goals
  • Business growth grants that assist you to implement recommendations


If you would like to know more about the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, you watch this short video or download the factsheet.


Here are some reasons why you should consider engaging with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme:

  • Flagship SME business capability programme
  • Scaled for SMEs
  • Advice and direction provided by private sector industry experts at zero cost to the business
  • Impartial and unbiased industry-specific advice provided by experienced business advisors
  • Optional access to grants to help fund implementation of business improvement actions
  • Opportunity to talk and discuss and talk business challenges and opportunities
  • Enables the business owner to consider the big picture


We can help you to write these applications in order to maximise your chance of success.

Let’s keep you working towards your goals.


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