Team Advisory Board

A unique process that puts your employees at the heart of their work environment and at the heart of your Business

A Team Advisory Board Report outlines the feelings of your team members in regards to various topics.

It involves daily tasks management, team atmosphere, training and mentorship, systems and procedures, and business development.

More precisely, a Team Advisory Board Report aims at identifying the problems your staff are facing and the solutions that could be implemented to solve those issues.

The atmosphere around this exercise has been positive, with all team members welcoming the idea of having an independent third-party involved in such a process, which includes getting closer to them and their thoughts on the business.

If you are having Human Resources issues within your business, such as:

  • Recruitment issues
  • Productivity issues
  • Training & compliance issues
  • Discipline issues
  • Valuable communication issues

We can help! We use a unique process that puts your employees at the heart of their work environment and at the heart of your business.

Over time, we have noticed that employees usually have a lot of innovative and beneficial ideas that they keep to themselves which unfortunately leads to frustration and low productivity.

Through our Team Advisory Board (TAB), we meet with them on one to one to discuss the business respecting complete confidentiality.

We address topics such as efficiency, (un)happiness whichever way it goes, their role and expectations, team atmosphere, and their relationship with management.

It helps us to find areas for improvement – processes, cost reduction, market to follow, reasons for current performance.

Usually, the simple intervention of a third party is sufficient to unlock some tensions with your employees. It empowers them and it shows them that they are heard and in that way, the business evolves.

It can also be a great opportunity for you to communicate a message to your team, notably in regards to the business reality, a potential reorganisation and the set-up of new tools and/or policies.

Having your team involved in this process allows them to share their thoughts on the business and how it can be improved. Not only that, but it will limit their resistance to change, if any, and create a wish to assist/help the business grow attitude and atmosphere.


What our clients are saying

As a small business, we know our industry, our products and what our clients expect from us. However, it is sometimes hard to get a true feedback from the team and figure out how they really perceive the business, its strengths, and weaknesses. Mathieu, from Insight Consulting, has recently conducted a Team Advisory Board with our team. All were happy with both the process of consulting them and the outcomes. The goal was to involve them in the business a bit more, listen to their doubts and ideas, so we can work on improving our operations & the staff satisfaction in order to increase our efficiencies and retain our key elements. We will now implement the recommendations in different areas – HR, systems & processes, accounts and so on.

– Kerry Sidney, Business Owner – Instant Weighing

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