Mugun Athirajan

R&D Tax Incentive and Business Grants Division, Insight Innovation

About Mugun

Mugun assists companies to access government incentives and grants for the innovative projects that they are undertaking, and has a combined 15 years of experience in these projects, in the ICT industry, and working in the big 4 accounting sector.

Mugun is a strong believer in Australian innovation and expresses his gratitude for being a part of his client’s innovation story – he gains satisfaction in seeing their projects start from small beginnings, scaling up to large, disruptive, and industry-changing ventures. The companies Mugun assists range from new start-ups to the top 100 Australian companies, particularly companies in the ICT, Resources (Iron Ore & Lithium), and utility industries.

The assistance Mugun provides in managing his client’s incentives and grants application takes away the pain of paperwork and legislative interpretations associated with such applications – allowing his clients to focus on their core competencies and excel in what they do best while having peace of mind that their applications are well taken care of.

Muguns specific areas of expertise include:

– R&D Tax Incentive
– Government Grants
– Taxation and Accounting (Chartered Accountant)
– Software Development and Implementation (MSc Computer Science)
– Electronics (BEng Computer Engineering)
– Project Management
– Solving complex problems and managing difficult conversations.

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Tax Planning & Tax Minimisation

Taxation & Business Advisory

Ongoing business and clients support

R&D Tax Incentive

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