R&D Tax Incentive

What is the R&D Tax Incentive?

Many companies are unaware of the R&D incentive and the financial benefits it provides. Others simply do not have the in-house capabilities to make a claim. Insight Innovation is your strategic partner in this field.

The R&D Tax incentive program provides tax offsets for targeted research and development activities, aiming to encourage more companies to undertake R&D and further stimulate and grow the Australian economy through innovation.

Administration of the incentive follows a number of guidelines and stipulations which must be adhered to.

The R&D Tax Incentive Program provides support to companies investing resources into developing something new for the market, be it a process, product or service.

We strive to develop and nurture relationships with our clients that are proactive, industry-specific and value-adding.

Each of our R&D professionals is held accountable for delivering the highest level of service, a standard that our clients warrant and deserve.

Talk to one of our R&D Tax Incentive specialists at Insight Innovation to find out how the R&D Tax Incentive can assist your business.

How can we help?

We specialise in all aspects of identifying and collating your R&D claim. Our services include:


  • Eligible activity & expenditure identification and qualification
  • Application preparation and lodgement
  • Government department liaison
  • AusIndustry and ATO Audit management
  • Systems, process advisory and implementation
Insight Advisory Group - Mugun Athirajan, General Manager

Let’s help you reach your potential.


"We were quite literally a business with no clients when we started a few years back … being able to get a cash injection, based on our R&D expenditure, made a lot of difference to us."

Company Director - IT Company


"The R&D rebate we received with Insight’s support has been financially beneficial for us"

Company Operations Manager - Exploration Drilling Rigs Company


"We’ve found the Insight team highly knowledgeable and most valuable. I don’t think many other small caps like us would even contemplate or realise what’s available to them through these government support programs. It’s been a really good thing for us."

Company Managing Director - Mining Operations Company

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