Protect your bank account from scammers

This article highlights the staggering number of Australian’s impacted annually by scams. It lists easy steps we can all take to keep our bank accounts safe and where to find help if we do fall victim to scammers. – Protect your bank account from scammers.

Is this the future of banking?

Peer to Peer, or ‘P2P’, lending is a method of bringing borrowers and lenders together without a traditional financial institution to act as intermediary. This increasingly popular form of lending takes advantage of the internet to connect individuals who have money to lend with those who require funding for any reputable need. Is this the future of banking?

The growing popularity of neobanks in Australia

Neobanks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as people look for different avenues to manage their money. The recent banking royal commission has also seen people look for solutions outside the big banks for financial products. In this article, we’re looking at how neobanks have become popular and what different they offer customers.