The post-Christmas blues

After the adrenaline and excitement of the holiday season is over, many people struggle with the post-Christmas blues. This article describes the symptoms to look out for and discusses ways to reduce the impact so you can start the new year off in a positive way. – The post-Christmas blues.

Christmas on credit

This article highlights the perils of not managing credit cards and provides simple suggestions to turn them into an effective money management tool over this coming Christmas. – Christmas on credit.

Avoiding the FBT Christmas Grinch!

It’s that time of year again – what to do for the Christmas party for the team, customers and gifts of appreciation. Here are our top tips for a generous and tax effective Christmas season. – Avoiding the FBT Christmas Grinch!

The overwhelming cost of Christmas

As we head into the holiday season, the overwhelming pressure and strain of spending can take a toll. Here, we take a look at the impacts that the expense of Christmas can have on our mental health and how to enjoy the festive season without going overboard. – The overwhelming cost of Christmas.

2022: The year ahead

2021 was to be the year we returned to a post-COVID normal however the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way many of us operate in our personal and work lives. Here is some of what we can expect in 2022. 2022: The year ahead