Money, Kids & Apps

This article focuses on teaching kids about money. It focuses on smartphone apps taking over and the role of visiting the bank with a full piggy bank becoming obsolete.

SMSF and the next generation

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are becoming increasingly popular among young Australians seeking to take control of their financial future. This article discusses the benefits and challenges of this investment strategy. – SMSF and the next generation.

Where’s your ‘In Case of Emergency’ file?

This article covers the importance of having an ‘In Case of Emergency’ file for estate planning purposes. By using a case study, we explain why you should have an In Case of Emergency file, what important documents the file should contain, and why it is important that the right people know of the files existence and location. – Where’s your ‘In Case of Emergency’ file?

8 tips to save money on your bills

We work hard to earn our income and even harder to save it to achieve our dreams. Even a few dollars saved on different types of bills over the years can compound to something meaningful. Let’s go through some of the ways that can help achieve these savings. 8 tips to save money on your bills