Giving the gift of investing

When cash rates are low, what is your best option to save for your child? We compare a traditional savings account with a share portfolio and discuss trusts as an additional option. – Giving the gift of investing.

Avoid an inheritance headache

This article follows the journey of a grieving daughter who recently lost her mother, and now has the task of sorting out her mother’s estate along with how to best utilise her substantial inheritance. – Avoid an inheritance headache.

Estate planning for your business

A more specific article focused on business owners having a written succession plan to ensure their personal wishes will be met if they die or are incapable of working. It addresses 4 important aspects – structure, agreements, insurances and Powers of Attorney. Estate planning for your business

Make this year a financially healthy one

Another year is over – how was it for you? Did you achieve everything you’d hoped?
Are you better or worse off financially than you were this time last year?
With a new year in front of you, what can you do to make the most of every moment?
We’ve put together a short guide to get you started and plan for the year ahead, a quarter at a time. Make this year a financially healthy one