Australian super funds gorge on cryptocurrency

Current schemes encourage investors to roll their superannuation into an SMSF in order to invest in crypto-assets. The article states that this is high risk and the best practice is to seek advice from a financial adviser. – Australian super funds gorge on cryptocurrency.

Giving the gift of investing

When cash rates are low, what is your best option to save for your child? We compare a traditional savings account with a share portfolio and discuss trusts as an additional option. – Giving the gift of investing.

Investing in trends

This article explores how Electronic Traded Funds or ETFs are evolving so that investors can allocate their money into specific investment themes and trends. – Investing in trends.

Share investing: The tax basics

With many new investors moving away from cash investments to seek greater return, the popularity in direct share investing has never been greater. This article summarises the tax responsibilities of a share investor and highlights some of the risks. A call to action to speak with a qualified adviser is also included. – Share investing: The tax basics.

The female investor

Surprisingly, many women are retiring in poverty, but this may be about to change. This article discusses why female investors are quickly rising in numbers and how their portfolios tend to differ from their male counterparts. – The female investors.