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Key Benefits of using ServiceM8

ServiceM8 offers a range of key benefits that streamline service-based businesses. With ServiceM8, businesses can efficiently manage their operations, enhance customer communication, and optimise workflows.

ServiceM8 provides features such as

  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Job Management
  • Quotes and Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Real-Time Tracking

These functionalities enable businesses to:

  • Schedule jobs with ease
  • Track field staff
  • Generate professional quotes and invoices
  • Effectively manage inventory

Additionally, ServiceM8’s mobile app 📱 empowers field staff to access job details, update job statuses, capture photos, and obtain customer signatures on-site.

By centralising these operations, ServiceM8 improves efficiency, reduces administrative tasks, enhances customer satisfaction, and ultimately helps your business save time and grow its bottom line.

What can you expect from us?

Strategic Plans and Business Transition Planning

We work with our clients to conduct business diagnostics to ensure all the areas of your business are covered:

  • Product & Services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Strategy & Finance
  • People
  • Systems and Processes

We review internal management systems, compare existing management systems with the requirements of relevant ISO standards, consider typical management system accreditation requirements of future potential customers and improve current systems and processes.


Business Analysis—Ratios, KPI’s

We accompany clients in the set-up of proper financial reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including Sales, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety.


Cashflow Forecasts

As part of our consulting services, we prepare 3-way forecasts. The forecasts – Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow – and their comparison with actuals (monthly when we meet) will provide you with a good understanding of where the money flows and how we can optimise the performance of the business (what-if analysis).

These forecasts are more commonly accepted by the banks, and it will enable us to help you to identify key areas and growth opportunities in your business.



Our process involves the development of a marketing strategy for your company and then implementing it over a 6–12-month period.

Service offering:

      • Development of marketing strategies
      • Branding
      • Online marketing
      • Website development
      • Search engine optimisation
      • Content marketing
      • Lead generation
      • Direct marketing

      Business Grants

      Business grants require the submission of a form that shows a business meets the grant’s criteria before the application will be reviewed.

      We are currently working with numerous businesses to assist them in gaining access to the Entrepreneurs’ Programme which offers practical support to businesses, including business advice and facilitation services to help build capacity, improve capability, extend networks and take advantage of growth opportunities in Australian and/or markets in other countries.


      Team Advisory Board

      Through our Team Advisory Board (TAB), we meet with them one-on-one to discuss the business respecting complete confidentiality.

      We address topics such as efficiency, (un)happiness whichever way it goes, their role and expectations, team atmosphere, and their relationship with management. It helps us to find areas for improvement – processes, cost reduction, market to follow, and reasons for current performance.

        ServiceM8 Certified Partner - Insight Consulting - Insight Advisory Group - Perth
        Adrien Giraud - Principal - Insight Consulting

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        ServiceM8 Certified Partner - Insight Consulting - Insight Advisory Group - Perth


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